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Discovery Extravaganza – Trips into the Dark

Screenshot collage of Trip 1CMDR Plat­inum Band start­ed this explo­ration trip series with the moti­va­tion to enable com­man­ders to dis­cov­er unchart­ed ter­ri­to­ry. The first trip explored a part of the Tem­ple Region. The car­ri­er trav­eled to xy???, with no dis­cov­ered sys­tem in the near viscin­i­ty.  Medi­um Star den­si­ty with a rec­om­mend­ed jumprange of 12 ly ??? left a huge amount of stars in the jumprange of our par­tic­i­pants explo­ration vessels.



Screenshot collage of Trip 2The 2nd Trip went into the galac­tic cen­tre. An incred­i­ble high star den­si­ty, also vis­i­ble in the sky­box, made for aston­ish­ing pic­tures in star­ry skies. The amount of Wolf Rayet stars was more than sur­pris­ing. Every­one who invest­ed the time had the chance to put their name onto one of them.






Screenshot collage of Trip 3 The 3rd trip went into the Nor­mas Expanse Region.