Pilots Trade Network Elite: Dangerous

PTN Booze Cruise Guide

Booze Guide Overview

This guide is orig­i­nal­ly from our Dis­cord serv­er, from where it has been repro­duced in full. All names with a # in front of them are ref­er­ences to chan­nels on this serv­er. You can find this guide in #🍹booze-cruise-guide. Click here to join our Dis­cord serv­er, or find our Dis­cord starter guide here.

1️⃣ What is the Booze Cruise?

The booze cruise hap­pens when the peo­ple at the sta­tion Rack­ham’s Peak in the HIP 58832 sys­tem have a pub­lic hol­i­day. Dur­ing that time they ask for alco­hol and pay way way above galac­tic aver­age for it. This allows for great trade oppor­tu­ni­ties dur­ing the 48h dura­tion of the par­ty. On a nor­mal day they already offer (an untyp­i­cal) 33k cr/t 🍷, but on a pub­lic hol­i­day they pay more than 270k cr/t wine! So 20,000 units of wine on a car­ri­er equates to rough­ly 5.5 bil­lion cred­its! HIP 58832 is locat­ed 5k ly above the galac­tic plane. The view, look­ing down, is aston­ish­ing and unique. HIP 58832 can only be reached with a fleet car­ri­er as the last jumps of the jour­ney are beyond the range of even a boost­ed FSD. The sys­tem’s sta­tion Rack­ham’s Peak has no L‑Pads, only M and S‑Pads. This makes the :Python: Python the most viable car­go ship to trade with that sta­tion. Run­ning a 280t car­go Python leaves the pilot with +72 mil­lion per trade. About 14 Pythons full of Wine, and you go from Pen­ni­less to Elite Trader.



Booze Python shielded

Overview: A low cost shield­ed car­go Python. The shields are there to give you time to get back into super­cruise if you’re inter­dict­ed as you won’t be able to out­run NPC pirates with­out engi­neer­ing. Also works for all reg­u­lar M‑pad-to-car­ri­er trades.



Booze Python tuned

Overview: Thanks to its engi­neered thrusters and high­er cost armour, this Python can run an extra car­go rack instead of shields, rely­ing on its speed and armour to sur­vive NPC pirate encoun­ters. Also the best M‑Pad-to-car­ri­er trad­er in general.

the Booze Cruise is a bet: there’s always a chance it won’t happen.

(We do our best to predict it as precisely as possible, though!)

2️⃣ How do I participate?

🇦 The Python 
First buy a python with one of the load­outs from above.
Help loading wine 🍷 => ( / ) => =
Once you have your Python, you can help to load the car­ri­ers. Mak­ing sure that we have wine to sell lat­er on is a great way to spend the time while wait­ing for the cruise to start. Grab your best L‑pad hauler and head to #🚰wine-celler-load­ing to find car­ri­ers to fill. The load­ing dis­cus­sion hap­pens in #🥂wine-cel­lar-deliv­er­ies.
 Traveling up 🛫
Next take your Python and hitch a ride on a car­ri­er to the peak, these will get post­ed to #🚠booze-cruise-depar­tures. If you do not want to be sit­ting up in HIP 58832 with­out any­thing to do, you can take the ⁠#🚕🅿booze-snooze-and-garage. It trav­els up soon after the hol­i­day is con­firmed. Mak­ing you only miss the 6 to 8 hours it needs to trav­el up but keeps you avail­able in the bub­ble until then.
 Not in HIP 58832 yet
Car­ri­ers are like­ly to park in N-2 (HD 104495) 2 sys­tems before the peak, if the peak is already full. As soon as things move, any car­ri­ers head­ing up towards N0 from N2 will post a notice in #🚠booze-cruise-depar­tures and ping the @Hitchhiker role. You can opt in to that role in ⁠#🍾booze-cruise-signup while you are in need of a trans­fer. To opt out, just click the but­ton again.
 The waiting game ⏲️
Once you are there, you might need to wait for the hol­i­day to start. Have fun an chill out with oth­er CMDRs or play your sec­ond favorite game.
The hol­i­day will then start, last­ing for 48 hours. We will ping @PTN Booze Cruise when it starts. Hop in your Python, buy wine from the car­ri­ers in 🧃Wine Cel­lar Unload­ing and sell it to the sta­tion. This is best done in solo mode, as there is only one M pad at the sta­tion. Expect to wait for dock­ing NPCs.
 But how do i get back?
Once every­thing is over can choose your path back to the bub­ble via car­ri­er or hand­cuffs. See 7️⃣ Trav­el­ling down 🛬

3️⃣ Can I advertise wine from my carrier?

If you want to use your car­ri­er to take wine to the peak, and agree to share at least a min­i­mum of 5k t🍷 with the com­mu­ni­ty. Fill in the form linked in #🍸booze-cruise-chat, ping @Connoissuer and you’ll be grant­ed the @Wine Car­ri­er role. This role is per event so you’ll need to sign up for the role afresh each time a new Booze Cruise hap­pens. If you are doing a sec­ond trip or tak­ing mul­ti­ple car­ri­ers fill out the form for each one, as Pirate Steve wants accu­rate numbers!

Some things you should be aware of though, before you sign up:
🇦 Fill­ing a car­ri­er with 22000 t of wine and the **3784 t** of Tri­tium need­ed for the trip will cost in the region of **484 mil­lion** cred­its. Your total cost may dif­fer depend­ing on how much wine you load, which is usu­al­ly depen­dent on any ser­vices you have installed if you fill your car­ri­er full.

🇧 How­ev­er, all of the cred­its you spend load­ing your car­ri­er will be recouped when your car­ri­er is unloaded mean­ing you don’t make any loss or prof­it over­all for being a wine car­ri­er. (For a car­ri­er tak­ing 3784 trit and 22k wine)

🇨 Jump­ing a car­ri­er from the bub­ble to the peak will take you approx­i­mate­ly 6 hours, and anoth­er 6 hours to return from the peak back to the bubble.

4️⃣ What are the channels for?

#🍾booze-cruise-signup – To opt in for noti­fi­ca­tions of key booze cruise events
#🧉booze-cruise-announce­ments – For announce­ments rel­e­vant to the booze cruise from the man­age­ment and sommeliers
#🚠booze-cruise-depar­tures – List­ing of known car­ri­er rides to/from the peak
#🚰booze-cruise-load­ing-oper­a­tions – Car­ri­er adverts for load­ing with wine in the bubble
#🧃wine-cel­lar-unload­ing – Car­ri­er adverts for unload­ing wine at the Peak (right click > Noti­fi­ca­tions > “All Mes­sages” for unload notifications)
#🍸booze-cruise-chat – Gen­er­al open booze cruise chat
#🅿garage – Safe place to leave your ships and log off at the peak
#🚕booze-snooze Car­ri­er that waits in the bub­ble and only trav­els up if the Cruise hap­pens. (If the chan­nels is active)

5️⃣ Facts

… about the Booze Cruise!

🇦 Car­ri­er own­ers run at breakeven prices, This means that the car­ri­er own­ers do not make a prof­it or a loss. How­ev­er there is an ini­tial upfront cost of 486 mil­lion to load a car­ri­er. (10k *22k = 220 mil for wine + 70k * 3784 = 266 mil for trit)
🇧 Jump­ing a car­ri­er up and down takes at least 12 hours of jump­ing (jumps at least 21 min apart)
🇨 Car­ri­er own­ers par­tic­i­pate most­ly out of gen­eros­i­ty, there is noth­ing in for them besides maybe haul­ing some wine themselves.
🇩 A car­go python sell­ing to Rack­ham’s Peak dur­ing PH gives a prof­it of 72 mil­lion (280 t * 256k cr/t)
🇪 Load­ers in the bub­ble do this so peo­ple at the top can have fun mak­ing prof­its. The prof­its in the bub­ble are sig­nif­i­cant­ly low­er than they are at the peak
🇫 Car­ri­ers are avail­able to unload when the own­er is avail­able and finds time, not when @PirateSteve is thirsty!
🇬 ❗Booze Cruise is a bet. There is always the pos­si­bil­i­ty of it not happening❗

6️⃣ Traveling up 🛫

When trav­el­ing up the ⁠#🚕🅿booze-snooze-and-garage is the rec­om­mend­ed method, This car­ri­er leaves as soon as the pub­lic hol­i­day in rack­hams is announced and gets there ~6 hours into the event, leav­ing you 42 hours to haul wine. If you want to head up before that though and make use of the first 6 hours you can pick any car­ri­er in ⁠#🚠booze-cruise-depar­tures that is adver­tised as head­ing up to N0.

7️⃣ Traveling down 🛬

.…. you have more options: We rec­om­mend 🇦 or 🇧:
🇦 The :fleetcarrier:-way: Take a car­ri­er down. See #🚠booze-cruise-depar­tures (or if unlocked, the #🚕booze-snooze)
🇧 The hand­cuffs-loi­ter-way: Hov­er over the land­ing pad of the sta­tion until get­ting shot down > pay the rebuy + small fine > after the rebuy, spawn with your ship on a prison ship in COL 285 SECTOR YG‑Y B16‑1 (157Ly from Gali in the bubble)
🇨 The handcuffs-🔫-way: Shoot a “clean” ship at nav bea­con once > fly to Rack­ham’s > dock > con­tacts > author­i­ty > turn your­self in > with­out a rebuy, spawn with your ship on a prison ship (Hard­points are sold at Rack­ham’s Peak.)
🇩 The I‑don’t-want-my-ship-way: You per­ma­nent­ly lose your ship with this one (ide­al if you are in a spare stock sidewinder): destroy your ship > don’t pay the rebuy > spawn in bub­ble in a stock Sidewinder

8️⃣ FAQs 🛬

How to get the NPC off the Medium pad at HIP 58832 🧹

  • Get real close to Pad 5 (the sin­gle medi­um pad), yaw your ship to the right so you can see the NPC ship + your con­tacts pan­el to the left
  • Spam the Dock­ing Request but­ton 3–4 times; the NPC will try to quick­ly undock (<10 sec on the pad)
  • Wait for the orange guid­ance light to turn off (takes about ~10 sec­onds from the time the NPC launches)
  • Quick­ly press the Dock­ing Request but­ton again

Or watch this mini tuto­r­i­al video made by Dbandy: https://youtu.be/G5qx87K7PHE

What does N2 mean? What route are we taking? 

It is just ‘N’ with it’s val­ue as the counter for fleet car­ri­er jumps towards the peak. No need to remem­ber all the names of N15 to N3. Both PTN Squadrons book­marks have those sys­tems saved as well.

Lad­der Sys­tem List:

N‑0: HIP 58832 (Rack­ham’s Peak)
N‑1: HD 105341 (Car­ri­er Bot­tle­neck Sys­tem)
N‑2: HD 104495 (Car­ri­er Park­ing Sys­tem)
N‑3: HIP 57784
N‑4: HIP 57478
N‑5: HIP 56843
N‑6: HD 104392
N‑7: HD 102779
N‑8: HD 102000
N‑9: HD 104785
N10: HD 105548
N11: HD 107865
N12: Plaa Trua WQ‑C d13‑0
N13: Plaa Trua QL‑B c27‑0
N14: Wre­goe OP‑D b58‑0
N15: Wre­goe ZE‑B c28‑2
N16: Gali (Chad­wick Dock)