Pilots Trade Network Elite: Dangerous

Robigo Tourist Mission Guide


An oldy but a goody, the Robi­go / Sir­ius Atmos­pher­ics pas­sen­ger route remains an acces­si­ble and reli­able way to earn decent amounts of cred­its and stock up on mis­sion-award­ed engi­neer­ing mate­ri­als. The premise is sim­ple: take a spe­cial­ly-built pas­sen­ger Python to Robi­go Mines in the Robi­go sys­tem, and use it to trans­port tourists to the Sir­ius Atmos­pher­ics tourist bea­con in Soth­is.


  • Easy and reliable
  • Cheap to get start­ed: ~55m to buy and out­fit the right ship, no sub­se­quent costs
  • Entire­ly solo: does­n’t depend on play­er-offered trades or mis­sion sharing
  • Low play­time invest­ment per pay­out (12−15 mins per run)
  • Low effort, low con­cen­tra­tion (so you can e.g. watch a video or lis­ten to a pod­cast while doing runs)


  • Requires an engi­neered FSD (you can buy one from a Tech Bro­ker but it still requires some engi­neer­ing materials)
  • Not the fastest way to make mon­ey (max ~120m cr/hr)
  • Depends on mis­sion board RNG
  • Low inter­est, repet­i­tive game­play (but then, so are most mon­ey mak­ing activities!)
  • And the kick­er: Robi­go Mines is ~500 lightyears from the Bub­ble, mean­ing get­ting to and from the sys­tem is the sin­gle great­est bar­ri­er to entry for new play­ers. It’s a quick jump in a Fleet Car­ri­er or an engi­neered Bub­ble Taxi, but for a starter play­er strug­gling to achieve a 30ly jump range, it takes a while.

Ship & Build

Python //


Robigo Python

Overview: Spe­cial­ly tuned for the pre­cise require­ments of Robi­go Mines tourist mis­sions. The FSD can be replaced with an Engi­neered FSD V1, pur­chased from Human Tech Bro­kers with a small hand­ful engi­neer­ing mate­ri­als, which does­n’t require any Engi­neer unlocks and costs less than engi­neer­ing an FSD from scratch.

Alter­na­tives: For the Robi­go route to be viable you need at least a 30ly jump range. The only alter­na­tive to engi­neer­ing is using a Guardian FSD Boost­er.

Thank­ful­ly it’s now eas­i­er than ever to build a Robi­go Python, as the Engi­neered FSD V1 can be pur­chased from Human Tech Bro­kers with­out unlock­ing any actu­al engi­neers, and for few­er mate­ri­als than it would require to engi­neer an FSD from scratch. You’ll still need either this or the Guardian FSD Boost­er though, and the GFSDB reduces your pas­sen­ger capacity.

Robi­go builds bal­ance the raw pas­sen­ger capac­i­ty of Econ­o­my Class cab­ins with the abil­i­ty to trans­port high­er pay­ing pas­sen­gers in Busi­ness Class cab­ins. There’s no advan­tage to tak­ing any Class high­er than Business.

Getting to Robigo

The eas­i­est way to get to Robi­go is to hitch a ride on a Fleet Car­ri­er, though often these won’t be able to park in-sys­tem as it’s so busy. A more acces­si­ble alter­na­tive is to out­fit a Bub­ble Taxi or Explo­ration ship for long jump range (you can even re-use the FSD from your Python) and trav­el to Hauser’s Reach sta­tion in Robi­go, then trans­fer your Python to the sta­tion. From there, hop in your Python and fly to the Robi­go Mines outpost.

Because of the trav­el time involved, it’s best if you’re able to stay in Robi­go for a few play ses­sions to max­imise the ben­e­fit of your jour­ney over.

Step-by-step from Robigo Mines

Now you’ve got your Python and trans­port­ed it to Robi­go Mines, here’s the procedure:

  • Start at Robi­go Mines out­post’s Pas­sen­ger Board and look for mis­sions with the des­ti­na­tion Sir­ius Atmos­pher­ics.
  • Accept mis­sions with the high­est pay­out first. These will fill your largest cab­ins. After­wards pick up what­ev­er is left for your small­er cab­ins. Gen­er­al­ly large cab­in mis­sions are 4 to 5M cred­its, small cab­ins are 1 to 1.5M, and you’ll get one in the mid­dle (ide­al­ly around 3M) for your sin­gle 4E/E cabin.
  • Use Auto Launch to get off the plat­form but as soon as you leave the pad you can throt­tle up and start turn­ing to face your hyper­space jump des­ti­na­tion, which will also can­cel auto-launch. Boost towards your FSD tar­get until you leave mass lock.
  • If you haven’t already, book­mark Soth­is A 5 on your galaxy map so you can quick­ly select it from the book­mark list. Put a * at the front of the name for it to appear at the top of the book­marks list.
  • After your first jump com­pletes, use a heatsink as soon as your next FSD des­ti­na­tion comes into view around the star so that you don’t have to wait until you’re out of the red zone and can start charg­ing your jump immediately.
  • Trav­el to Soth­is A 5 above or below the orbital plane to avoid get­ting caught in any grav­i­ty wells.
  • When you get to with­in 1k light sec­onds you will see the Sir­ius Atmos­pher­ics tourist bea­con in your Nav Pan­el (left hand HUD – fil­ter it for Sta­tions and Points of Inter­est only dur­ing your tourist runs). Tar­get it and adjust your course appro­pri­ate­ly. (On future trips to the sys­tem you will now see Sir­ius Atmos­pher­ics as soon as you enter, until you log out of the game.)
  • Try to angle your approach so that you don’t fly near Soth­is A 5 itself, which slows you down.
  • Use the super­cruise assist trick if you want to try to shave off some seconds.
  • As soon as you drop out of supercruise:
    • throt­tle to zero (so you don’t hit the tourist bea­con or any local cruise ships – that would upset your pas­sen­gers and you would not get paid)
    • tar­get the tourist bea­con ahead and make sure you’re fac­ing it so your ship can begin to scan it (espe­cial­ly if you used the super­cruise assist trick, as that can some­times drop you fac­ing away from the beacon)
    • imme­di­ate­ly your scan begins, go into your galaxy map to select Robi­go Mines again. Your ship will con­tin­ue to scan the bea­con while you are busy in the galaxy map
    • (If you haven’t already, book­mark the Robi­go Mines out­post so you can quick­ly select it from the book­mark list. Put a * at the front of the name for it to appear at the top of the book­marks list.)
  • As soon as the scan com­pletes and you get the mis­sion updates noti­fi­ca­tion, engage your FSD back towards Robi­go.
  • Heatsink around the star again.
  • Super­cruise out of the orbital plane again. Robi­go Mines is occlud­ed by plan­e­tary rings from one side of the orbital plane so take a note of which side that is and plan future approach­es to avoid the rings.
  • You can use the super­cruise assist trick to drop out at Robi­go Mines a lit­tle faster if you want.
  • It’s high­ly unlike­ly you’ll be scanned so just boost towards the sta­tion then throt­tle down and let the dock­ing com­put­er land you.
  • When you touch down, imme­di­ate­ly enter the hangar so that you don’t have to wait to turn around lat­er when you launch. As your ship begins to descend into the hangar you can refu­el, rearm and then enter star­port ser­vices to hand in your missions.
  • Pri­ori­tise rep­u­ta­tion rewards at first, until your rep­u­ta­tion with each fac­tion is maxed out. This will improve your rewards on sub­se­quent runs.
  • Once all your mis­sions are hand­ed in you can choose a new set from the Mis­sion Board.

Reputation and payout

When you first start run­ning these mis­sions you won’t get paid too much, but as you build rep­u­ta­tion with the fac­tions at Robi­go Mines you will get offered more and bet­ter mis­sions until you can earn in the region of 120M per hour if you opti­mise for time. You can also choose the rep­u­ta­tion reward for the Impe­r­i­al-aligned fac­tion if you’d like to increase your Impe­r­i­al rank, or choose the Grade 5 mate­ri­als rewards (Exquis­ite Focus Crys­tals, Biotech Con­duc­tors and Mod­i­fied Embed­ded Firmware) when avail­able if you need to stock up on mate­ri­als for engineering.

Support and help

PTN does­n’t offi­cial­ly sup­port Robi­go runs, but you’re always wel­come to head to our Dis­cord serv­er and ask any ques­tions you may have in our Pilots Lounge.