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Odyssey Beginners guide

Welcome to odyssey!

While this will not be a com­pre­hen­sive guide of all things Odyssey, it will endeav­or to get you on your feet, both fig­u­ra­tive­ly and literally.

The Basics

So you’ve purchased Odyssey
Con­grat­u­la­tions! You now have the abil­i­ty to down­load it via the launch­er. If you use minED, you may need to tem­porar­i­ly dis­able it so you can access the default launch­er. From here, every time you launch the game, you have a choice: You can launch either Odyssey or Hori­zons. The fin­er details on Odyssey vs. Hori­zons will be cov­ered lat­er, for now you can sim­ply stick to Odyssey and be fine.
Step 0: The In-Game Tutorial
When launch­ing Odyssey for the first time, it will auto­mat­i­cal­ly place you in a tuto­r­i­al instance, but leave your Live CMDR untouched. The tuto­ri­als in Elite Dan­ger­ous are noto­ri­ous for not being the great­est at real­ly teach­ing the impor­tant mechan­ics, but it’s still use­ful for famil­iar­iz­ing your­self with the basics of on-foot game­play. Don’t be afraid to run through the tuto­r­i­al more than once, if you feel like you did­n’t under­stand every­thing the first time through. It is rec­om­mend­ed you com­plete the tuto­r­i­al before you con­tin­ue reading.
While docked at a sta­tion, fleet car­ri­er, mega­ship, sur­face port, or set­tle­ment, you will now see a new but­ton in the list of avail­able options under­neath Sta­tion Ser­vices and (Auto) Launch: Dis­em­bark. Select­ing this will cause you to get up and leave your ship, allow­ing you to walk around. Free­dom at last! Well, almost. When docked at a sta­tion, sur­face port, or mega­ship, you’ll need to head to the ele­va­tor first before you can access…
The Station Concourse

The sta­tion con­course serves as the on-foot equiv­a­lent to “Sta­tion Ser­vices” for ships. There are mul­ti­ple kiosks avail­able each with a spe­cif­ic purpose.

  • Pioneer Supplies

    - The on-foot equip­ment shop. More on this sub­ject later.
  • Vista Genomics

    - This kiosk is for exo­bi­ol­o­gy the way Uni­ver­sal Car­to­graph­ics is for explo­ration data.
  • Concourse Bar

    - The bar­tender is your fren­e­my, being the place to trade and sell Odyssey-spe­cif­ic materials.
  • Apex Interstellar Transport

    - A taxi ser­vice that will fly you to a sta­tion or set­tle­ment of your choosing.
  • Frontline Solutions

    - A taxi ser­vice that specif­i­cal­ly takes you to Ground Con­flict Zones with­in your cur­rent system.
  • Inter Astra

    - A store­front for access­ing the sta­tion ship­yard ser­vices. (If present.)
And lastly, the station terminals.
Spread out around the con­course are sev­er­al ter­mi­nals with the sta­tion’s name print­ed on the screen. Inter­act­ing with one of these will open a vari­ant of the ship-based “Sta­tion Ser­vices” menu, from which you can hand in boun­ties, adjust your load­out, and take missions.

Important keybinds

While the In-Game Tuto­r­i­al men­tions a few key­binds, there are some that are left out that real­ly should­n’t be. This is not an exhaus­tive list, but it does cov­er the miss­ing essentials.
Use Medkit
Default (6), instant­ly uses a med­kit with­out need­ing to open the item wheel.
Use Energy Cell
Default (7), instant­ly uses an ener­gy cell with­out need­ing to open the item wheel.
Clear Authority Level
Default (-), instant­ly deletes your cloned secu­ri­ty pro­file with­out need­ing to open the item wheel. It is impor­tant to note that cloning an NPC’s secu­ri­ty pro­file is ille­gal, and so is hav­ing one. Guards will detect it in a scan, so if you aren’t in a posi­tion where you can sim­ply kill the guard, being able to delete your high­ly ille­gal pro­file quick­ly is important.
Open Insight Hub
Default (Q, held). The Insight Hub is where you can access a vari­ety of menus avail­able on your ship while on-foot, includ­ing (but not lim­it­ed to) car­ri­er man­age­ment, the galaxy & sys­tem maps, trans­ac­tions, comms, and your back­pack. This hub is also where you can sum­mon an Apex Shut­tle when not at a sta­tion concourse.
Open Emote Wheel
Default (B, held), oper­ates sim­i­lar to the item wheel, but with emote options instead of con­sum­ables. Press­ing the key instead of hold­ing while cause you to sim­ply point, an action that is impor­tant if using the “Odyssey Mate­ri­als Helper” third-par­ty tool. (Rec­om­mend­ed)
Holster Weapon
Default (U), puts your cur­rent weapon or tool away. It is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed you rebind this to (X) for quick­er access.

The three suits

In Hori­zons, you are offered a selec­tion of ships to fly, each with strengths and weak­ness­es. In Odyssey, you are offered a selec­tion of three suits, each with stats and a unique trait tai­lored to a spe­cif­ic sec­tion of on-foot game­play. Unlike Hori­zons, how­ev­er, it is strong­ly rec­om­mend­ed to have at least one of each suit.
The “Artemis” Suit
The suit for all things exo­bi­ol­o­gy! It’s also manda­to­ry, as its unique trait is it comes equipped with the Genet­ic Sam­pler, and as such is the only way to inter­act with exo­bi­ol­o­gy. For more infor­ma­tion, head over to 🧬exo­bi­ol­o­gy-dis­cus­sion and check out the pins there.
The “Dominator” Suit
The com­bat-focused suit. This one has the best com­bat-relat­ed stats, but the small­est back­pack. Its unique trait is the abil­i­ty to car­ry an addi­tion­al weapon in your load­out. High­ly rec­om­mend­ed for Ground Con­flict Zones and pure­ly-com­bat missions.
The “Maverick” Suit
The bread and but­ter of gen­er­al on-foot game­play and the engi­neer­ing grind! Fea­tur­ing the largest back­pack for your loot­ing needs, and for its unique trait, it comes equipped with the Arc Cut­ter, allow­ing you to cut through cer­tain locks and pan­els. This is the suit of choice for activ­i­ties that take you to an Odyssey Set­tle­ment or sur­face Point of Interest.
The Secret Fourth Suit
When edit­ing your load­out, you may notice a fourth suit avail­able to you: The “Flight Suit”. This is essen­tial­ly the ‘default’ suit. It has gen­er­al­ly ter­ri­ble stats, no unique trait, can­not car­ry a pri­ma­ry weapon (sec­on­daries only), and worst of all, can­not be upgrad­ed. Suf­fice to say, this suit can be ignored.
Where to Find
Grade 1 ver­sions of each suit can be pur­chased from any Pio­neer Sup­plies kiosk. Occa­sion­al­ly, it is pos­si­ble to find ‘pre-upgrad­ed’ ver­sions for sale, but these will always be lim­it­ed sup­ply items. Once any CMDR pur­chas­es them, they’re gone for every­one else.


Like any Space Cow­boy, you’re going to need a gun. Prob­a­bly more than one. On-foot weapons can be cat­e­go­rized in two ways: By dam­age type, and by archetype.
For our purposes, damage comes in four types:
The clas­sic bul­let. Like their ship­board coun­ter­parts, kinet­ic weapons have (high) pro­jec­tile veloc­i­ty, are strong against health, and weak against shields. Kinet­ic weapons are man­u­fac­tured exclu­sive­ly by Kine­mat­ic Arma­ments, and all have ‘Kar­ma’ at the start of their name.
Laser beams! The the­mat­ic oppo­site of Kinet­ic: Hitscan, weak against health, strong against shields. Ther­mal weapons are man­u­fac­tured exclu­sive­ly by Taka­da, and all have ‘TK’ at the start of their name.
While these pro­jec­tiles look and trav­el like their ship­board cousin (the Plas­ma Accel­er­a­tor), they have a major dis­tinc­tion: On-foot plas­ma dam­age acts as a “bal­anced” dam­age type, nei­ther weak nor strong, for both shields and health. Plas­ma weapons are man­u­fac­tured exclu­sive­ly by Man­ti­core, and all have ‘Man­ti­core’ at the start of their name.
Explo­sive ranges from neu­tral to resist­ed for health dam­age, but it’s not clear how explo­sive dam­age fares against shields. Due to Odyssey’s rather poor pop­u­lar­i­ty and a lack of real inter­est in many of its mechan­ics, there is crip­pling­ly lit­tle doc­u­men­ta­tion on this sub­ject. That being said, sources of explo­sive dam­age gen­er­al­ly do enough that attempt­ing to tank the dam­age is ill advised.


Weapons can be organized into 4 archetypes, as well
Assault Rifles
Auto­mat­ic rifles that favor dam­age and effec­tive range over fire rate and mag­a­zine size. These include the Kar­ma AR-50 and TK Aphe­lion, and are Pri­ma­ry weapons.
The coun­ter­part of Assault Rifles, trad­ing dam­age and effec­tive range for bet­ter fire rate and mag­a­zine size. These include the Kar­ma C‑44 and TK Eclipse, and are Pri­ma­ry weapons.
The clas­sic sin­gle-fire sidearm, and the only Sec­ondary weapons avail­able. These include the Kar­ma P‑15, TK Zenith, and Man­ti­core Tor­men­tor.

There are a few weapons that are one-of-a-kind in their mechan­ics, and get placed in the “unique” arche­type for sim­pler categorization:

  • Manticore Intimidator

    - Plas­ma Shot­gun, very high dam­age, for very low range and mag­a­zine size.
  • Manticore Executioner

    - Plas­ma Sniper, very high dam­age, but with plas­ma’s low pro­jec­tile velocity.
  • Karma L‑6

    - Rock­et Launch­er, and the only weapon to deal explo­sive damage.
The One to Avoid
Last and unfor­tu­nate­ly least, there is the Man­ti­core Oppres­sor. Osten­si­bly an Assault Rifle, but more accu­rate­ly described as a Paint­ball Mark­er in space. This weapon has a crip­pling­ly low dam­age out­put, and is the Ugly Duck­ling of the Man­ti­core fam­i­ly as a result. This weapon is best avoided.
Where to Find
Like suits, Grade 1 weapons can be pur­chased from any Pio­neer Sup­plies kiosk. Like suits, some­times lim­it­ed sup­ply, ‘pre-upgrad­ed’ options are avail­able. Unlike suits, not all weapons are avail­able at every sta­tion. Some trav­el may be required.


Like any oth­er shoot­er, there are a selec­tion of ‘con­sum­able’ items you can car­ry with you, that must be replen­ished either by loot­ing or by purchasing.
Energy Cell
Your suit bat­tery is only bare­ly touched upon in the tuto­r­i­al, but think of it as the on-foot equiv­a­lent to your ship’s fuel. A sin­gle ener­gy cell will refill your bat­tery to full, so use them wise­ly. If you aren’t under pres­sure, it’s bet­ter to look for a recharge port.
A near uni­ver­sal sta­ple of shoot­ers, the med­kit refills your health to full. You car­ry very few of these at a time, so use them wisely.
Now you, too can be Hack­er­man. This con­sum­able is used on com­put­er sys­tems, inter­ac­tive pan­els, and autho­riza­tion scan­ners to grant you access. Cau­tion: This con­sum­able is ille­gal, and can be detect­ed by a guard’s scan. As a result, it’s not placed in your back­pack by default, and must be man­u­al­ly trans­ferred after dis­em­bark­ing via the “Man­age Inven­to­ry” screen, which is accessed by inter­act­ing with your ship.
Frag Grenade
Sim­ple explo­sive hap­py fun ball. Mind the throw­ing arc in low grav­i­ty environments.
Shield Disruptor
Essen­tial­ly an ‘EMP Grenade’, tar­gets caught in the blast radius will take a huge hit to their shields, usu­al­ly tak­ing them out entire­ly. Does no health dam­age. Again, mind the throw­ing arc in low grav­i­ty environments.
Shield Projector
A defen­sive “grenade”, this one gen­er­ates a small dome around itself for you to stand in. Incom­ing fire is blocked, while out­go­ing fire pass­es through. The dome dis­ap­pears after a short amount of time. The throw­ing arc is less of an issue with this one, as it’s sticky and you’ll want to throw it at the ground in front of you.
Your ship can car­ry a sup­ply of 100 of each con­sum­able. When dis­em­bark­ing, a few of each type are placed into your back­pack, accord­ing to your suit­’s car­ry­ing capac­i­ty. Whether stock­ing up for the first time, or restock­ing after using a large quan­ti­ty, you can find all con­sum­ables except for E‑Breach at any Pio­neer Sup­plies kiosk. E‑Breach can also be found there, but only when the sta­tion has an Anar­chy or Com­mu­nism con­trol­ling faction.


Mis­sions are a cor­ner­stone of Odyssey’s con­tent, and a major source of its engi­neer­ing mate­ri­als. Mis­sions that are cen­tered around on-foot game­play are acquired one of two ways:
Station Concourse / Settlement Terminals
As briefly men­tioned ear­li­er, a mis­sion board that con­tains exclu­sive­ly on-foot mis­sions can be found at any of the ter­mi­nals dot­ted around sta­tion con­cours­es. Sim­i­lar ter­mi­nals can also be found at set­tle­ments, which offer mis­sions exclu­sive­ly for the con­trol­ling faction.
Stand­ing around sta­tion con­cours­es, and some­times set­tle­ments, are NPCs with mis­sion icons over their heads. These NPCs can be inter­act­ed with, and will offer a sin­gle mis­sion. Unlike the mis­sion board, it is pos­si­ble to nego­ti­ate with NPCs over the offered pay. Cau­tion is advised, how­ev­er, since this has a chance to not only fail, but cause the NPC to revoke the mis­sion offer entirely.


Much like Hori­zons, Odyssey is noto­ri­ous for it lack of hand-hold­ing and let­ting you very eas­i­ly bite off more than you can chew. For instance, mis­sions tagged as “non­vi­o­lent” can be extreme­ly dif­fi­cult, even for an expe­ri­enced CMDR. This is due to “non­vi­o­lent” trans­lat­ing to “you are not allowed to harm any­one, and if you do, mis­sion fail.” It is there­fore high­ly rec­om­mend­ed that you start small, such as sim­ple deliv­ery mis­sions, until you have more than just the basic flight suit and pistol.
Coming Prepared
Some mis­sions will have the Mav­er­ick suit or E‑Breaches as hard require­ments for com­plet­ing them, due to locked con­tain­ers, doors, or pan­els. Be sure to have both of these avail­able to you before embark­ing on any­thing beyond sim­ple deliv­ery missions.
Crime and Anarchy

A sur­pris­ing amount of activ­i­ties in Odyssey involve com­mit­ting crimes, fre­quent­ly of a vio­lent nature. It is there­fore high­ly rec­om­mend­ed to lim­it ille­gal activ­i­ties to places under the con­trol of an Anar­chy fac­tion. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it’s not as sim­ple as find­ing an Anar­chy sys­tem, as set­tle­ments inher­it the prop­er­ties of their con­trol­ling fac­tion, rather than the sys­tem. This means any set­tle­ment you want to do crime in must be con­trolled by an Anar­chy Fac­tion. There are a few pop­u­lar places to find so called ‘Anar­chy Set­tle­ments’, including:

  • Usdia

  • Eurybia

  • Iah Bulu

More sys­tems can be found via Inara. It is rec­om­mend­ed to have a list of sys­tems that you can rely on, as one can some­times become unavail­able due to sys­tem states (such as Civ­il War).

On-foot vs. ship bal­ance is… ques­tion­able, to put it polite­ly. On-foot weapons do a sur­pris­ing amount of dam­age to ships and SRVs alike, and if you aren’t pay­ing atten­tion, hos­tile NPCs can and will destroy your ship on you, leav­ing you in a pre­car­i­ous sit­u­a­tion, and cer­tain death if, for what­ev­er rea­son, you’re unable to book an Apex shuttle.
Best Practices
  • If you are at a Point of Inter­est that has or is expect­ing com­pa­ny, park a short dis­tance away and approach in an SRV.
  • If the set­tle­ment alarms go off, dis­miss your ship imme­di­ate­ly. When you’re ready to leave, rel­og first to reset the instance, allow­ing you to safe­ly sum­mon your ship with­out the set­tle­ment tur­rets & skim­mers melt­ing it.
  • If you MUST have access to your ship after the alarms have been set off, make sure no hos­tile NPCs remain, dis­able the set­tle­men­t’s anti-ship tur­rets (there’s a con­sole for this some­where with­in the set­tle­ment) and destroy any skim­mers first.

fleet carriers

Fleet Car­ri­ers have their own inte­ri­ors that you can walk around in, much like sta­tions. It is notice­ably small­er, and some sec­tions may be closed off depend­ing on what ser­vices the car­ri­er own­er has installed.
The Room with a View
If you are a car­ri­er own­er, or are hitch­ing a ride on one that is about to jump, con­grat­u­la­tions! You can expe­ri­ence what is regard­ed by some, as the best rea­son to own Odyssey at all: You can now look out the front win­dow dur­ing a car­ri­er jump. To do this, you must be on-foot in the car­ri­er’s con­course, and then sim­ply take a seat in the “com­mand deck” area.

On-foot ser­vices aboard fleet car­ri­ers, if installed can include:

  • Vista Genomics

    - for your exo­bi­ol­o­gy needs when out in the black.
  • Pioneer Supplies

     ‑which will stock all suits, weapons, and con­sum­ables, but can nev­er have ‘pre-upgrad­ed’ gear. E‑Breaches can be pur­chased if the car­ri­er own­er allows it in their car­ri­er’s settings.
  • Concourse Bar

     – where Odyssey-spe­cif­ic mate­ri­als can be bought and sold (by the car­ri­er own­er) to/from oth­er players.
  • Inter Astra

    - allow­ing on-foot access to a car­ri­er’s ship­yard ser­vice. (Installed/uninstalled along­side the ship­yard ser­vice automatically.)
Escape Pods
Avail­able in all fleet car­ri­ers, escape pods will tele­port your CMDR to the last sta­tion you docked at, while leav­ing your ship behind on the car­ri­er. While this has some oth­er (niche) uses that are beyond the scope of this guide, the pri­ma­ry pur­pose of escape pods is allow you to escape a car­ri­er that has “kid­napped” you and tak­en you far from where you were, such as out­side The Bubble.

on and up

As you get used to on-foot con­tent, you can start to think about engi­neer­ing and tak­ing on high­er risk mis­sions. You may also ben­e­fit from exter­nal tools and dis­cord-based resources here in PTN.
Like ships, on-foot equip­ment can be engi­neered, but it takes a dif­fer­ent form. All suits and weapons have a ‘Grade’, rang­ing from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). The ‘pre-upgrad­ed’ gear found at some Pio­neer Sup­plies kiosks will nev­er spawn above Grade 3. Improv­ing this grade is an impor­tant and nec­es­sary step if you want the best gear, but many play­ers opt to stick to what­ev­er Grade 3 ‘pre-upgrad­ed’ gear they find and not take it fur­ther. For a more in-depth look at Odyssey engi­neer­ing, check out our Odyssey Engi­neer­ing guide on our discord!

There are a few chan­nels on our dis­cord that will help you on your… odyssey.

  • 👩🚀odyssey-gen­er­al – As the name implies, this is the gen­er­al chat for Odyssey-spe­cif­ic activity.

  • 👔suits-and-guns

    - A place where play­ers can share any ‘pre-upgrad­ed’ gear they’ve found but don’t need. Be sure to read the pins for more info.

  • 🧰mate­r­i­al-trade – ACOs and CCOs may post offers for Odyssey mate­ri­als here. Again, be sure to read the pins for more info.

  • 🧬exo­bi­ol­o­gy-dis­cus­sion – For all things Exobiology.
Third-Party Tools

Much like the rest of the game, third-par­ty tools can prove invalu­able to your Odyssey experience.

  • EDOMH – Elite Dan­ger­ous Odyssey Mate­ri­als Helper, a vital tool for the mate­r­i­al grind.

  • EDMCElite Dan­ger­ous Mar­ket Con­nec­tor, while this does­n’t nor­mal­ly give any tan­gi­ble ben­e­fit to you, set­tle­ments have mar­kets and sys­tem states of their own. Updat­ing these on sites like Inara can be help­ful for oth­er play­ers. This tool will han­dle all of that in the background.

  • OMGOdyssey Map Guide, pro­vides a bird’s eye view of every known set­tle­ment lay­out, com­plete with door, ter­mi­nal, and alarm pan­el loca­tions. Use­ful for set­tle­ment raiding.

  • For Exo­bio-spe­cif­ic tools, refer to the exo­bi­ol­o­gy chan­nel list­ed above.
Odyssey vs. Horizons (4.0)
Both ver­sions of the game share a sin­gle ‘galaxy’. They use the same CMDR, and the same Back­ground Sim­u­la­tion (BGS). Any­thing you do in one will be reflect­ed in the oth­er. They are, for all intents and pur­pos­es, the same game. You can login to either ver­sion inter­change­ably, with the caveat that Odyssey-spe­cif­ic con­tent requires run­ning Odyssey, and log­ging into Hori­zons while in an Odyssey-only area will kick you out of that area. (And if you’re on-foot, you’ll be returned to your ship.)
Play­ers can only wing up if they are run­ning the same ver­sion. Not every­one has Odyssey, so some­times join­ing up with anoth­er play­er will mean you will have to switch to Hori­zons. PTN com­mu­ni­ty events are run in Hori­zons when pos­si­ble because of this.
In Closing…
There is still much about Odyssey that has­n’t been cov­ered here, this guide being meant to get you start­ed. If, after read­ing every­thing, you still have ques­tions: Please don’t hes­i­tate to reach out and ask! o7, CMDR!